Our Mission

VC was founded by a group of editors who wanted to help small creators become big, sustainably. Till this day, we still want to help creators, big or small, and after working with different creators, we’ve come to know that we all share a common goal. We are all driven by our passion, this is more than just a job, this is who we are. And we are here for you for the long run. We want to ensure that you will have full peace of mind knowing that you will have a video up on time, and to your standard.

Traditional media is crippling under the power of community voices, and we want to empower a generation of creators to lead the way. Through entertaining content, through experiences, through the laughs and tough times; that is what makes us human, that is what connects us and sets us apart from the rest.

Corporations try to replicate this, but they can never achieve the authenticity of real human broadcasters. But this does not mean you should be alone, we can be here in the background for you when you need us. In the coming years, we still want to be around with you through the journey.

Our team members care for one another, we are bonded by our shared love for this niche and we strive to exceed your expectations with every upload.

It’s quite simple. The core values of human interactions; but on a grand scale: that is what drives us to create.

Read about our tone of voice here.