What we do

Team VC is made up of editors, graphic designers, marketers and engineers (software and web).

Our focus is on editing content for social media. Everyone who works here is trained to understand the needs of the creators, how to optimize videos to perform well in terms of watch time and to ensure that the content we produce with you is going to be enjoyable. The core of creating content that performs well is not only down to the metadata, but the output of content that goes through the post process.

By developing new technologies bespoke to what we do, we can create affordable, reliable and a fast turnaround like no other post production team.

Unlike having to depend on a single human to ensure your business will deliver to your audience, our team of editors will be available around the clock, we can achieve this through task delegation during multiple timezones. Our system is built to sync data live with the team, so no matter what inevitable issues arise, there will most likely be a person on the team to resolve them.