Frequently Asked Questions

New to Team VC and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them below!


What's the turnaround time?

For almost all videos, our turnaround time is 1 day. This is most common for vlogs, pranks and reaction videos!

How am I billed?

You will receive an invoice at the end of the month which can be paid via our client portal, wire or bank transfer.

How many editors will be working with me?

A senior editor and 2 junior editors will be available.

How do I speak to the editors?

A Discord server for communications will be created.

Do the editors know what I want?

Yes, all the editors will be on the same page. Our system will log all your preferences and guidelines will be created as we progress.

Is the music you use copyright free?

Yes! We work with 2 providers to ensure all the music we use has the licence cleared for use on your videos.

Where are you based?

Our head office is based in the UK, London and we have editors all over the world. Mainly across the USA and Europe.

If you have anymore questions, do shoot us a message.
Tap the green let's chat button, or use the live chat.